Become a Member

If you are interested in joining Grace Church, below are the next steps for that process. We would encourage you to begin working through these first two steps.



We want to encourage you to prayerfully seek the Lord’s guidance about what church you should join.  God’s desire is for all followers of Jesus to faithfully commit themselves to a local church, and we care about helping you find where He might be leading you even if that is not to Grace Church. 


Attend a Community Group

We believe that membership at Grace Church is a recognition of a commitment rather than the start of something new. We believe that all members should be active participants in the life of the Church and we desire to be able to attest to that for every new member. Church ‘plays out’ most clearly in the relationships formed in Community Groups and that is, quite honestly, where you will also get the best picture of who we are as a Church. 

find a community group


Meet with a Pastor

Schedule a meeting with one of the Pastors at Grace Church so you can get to know one another.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have about the church.  The Pastor will also go over the Membership Agreement with you and help you discern what your involvement at Grace Church might entail. 

set up a meeting


Sign a Membership Agreement

Members sign an agreement with the larger church body.  This is an agreement with the church’s statement of faith and a commitment to the church through prayer, presence, gifts, and service. It is also a commitment from Grace Church to you, our newest member.