Your new life you’ve been given as a Christian has many different aspects that we would like to help you with. Our desire for all those who come through our church is that you might put your faith in Christ, be baptized, join a community group, and become a member. Our hope then is that you begin serving your neighbors, coworkers, and fellow church members in many facets, from tithing and leading a community group to missional outreach and everything between.


Follow Jesus

Each week at Grace, we faithfully preach the gospel, praying that the Holy Spirit stirs the hearts of unbelievers, bringing them to faith Jesus as their Savior.

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Get Baptized

At Grace, we believe in Baptism as the biblical ordinance that God designed for those who have been saved. If you have accepted Christ and have not yet expressed your salvation in this way, we would love to help you in obeying this important mandate.

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Join a Community Group

Each week, our community groups will open up God’s Word to encourage one another with the beauty of its truth and discuss the implications of the gospel in our every day lives. All of our community groups are Bible-based and sermon-guided, meeting throughout the week in many different areas of Waco.

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Join a Discipleship Group

Discipleship groups are small subsets of community groups made up of 2-4 people that meet regularly. These groups are made to foster a deep sense of accountability, mortification of sin, memorization of Scripture, and a pursuit of holiness.

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Start Serving

If you regularly attend Sunday services at Grace, we encourage you to get involved beyond the worship service. A good first step in this direction is to join the community who serves the church. Become a contributing part of the team that supports the functions of the church as a whole.

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Become a Member

In membership, we recognize our common identity in Christ, acknowledge the values that are based on that identity, and help one another live out the practices consistent with this identity and values. Our members are the ones whom our church is accountable for leading, and who in return are accountable to their leaders for growing and participating in the mission of God.

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Start Giving

We believe giving cheerfully and sacrificially is an act of worship that blesses the giver as much as the receiver (2 Corinthians 9:6-7). The Holy Spirit transforms our hearts that we might live generously in accordance with the many Scriptural reasons and commands for giving. Giving is absolutely essential to following Christ.

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