To Jesus

Each week at Grace, we faithfully preach the gospel, praying that the Holy Spirit stirs the hearts of unbelievers, bringing them to faith Jesus as their Savior.

God gives saving repentance, which is an evangelical grace, where a person, being by the Holy Spirit made sensible of the manifold evils of his sin. By faith in Christ, you humble himself for your sin with godly sorrow, detestation of it, and self-abhorrency, praying for pardon and strength of grace, with a purpose and endeavor, by supplies of the Spirit, to walk before God unto all well-pleasing in all things. (Zechariah 12:10; Acts 11:18; Ezekiel 36:31; 2 Corinthians 7:11; Psalms 119:6; Psalms 119:128)

If the gospel is new to you and you have put your faith and trust in Christ, we ask that you meet with an elder.

As repentance is to be continued through the whole course of our lives, it is every man's duty to repent of his particular known sins particularly.
(Luke 19:8; 1 Timothy 1:13, 15)

By the provision of God through Christ in the covenant of grace for the preservation of believers unto salvation, there is no sin so small but it deserves damnation and no sin so great that it shall bring damnation on them that repent. This makes the constant preaching of repentance necessary. (Romans 6:23; Isaiah 1:16-18 Isaiah 55:7)