All you need to give is an email. You can give without creating a password, and it will email you the receipt. This system tracks all of your giving for tax purposes of charitable contributions, so you can login and see your records.

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Giving Online

You don’t have to log in to give. All you need is an email address and Planning Center will record the rest! 

You can create a simple login to be able to track your giving over time, print reports, and set up new payment methods. 

Giving with a credit card or debit card means 2.5% of your donation goes to fees instead of the mission of Grace Church. However, you can give by connecting directly to your bank account once you log in or by connecting your account to give as an ACH deposit (using your checkbook). Doing that avoids the fees and all of your donation goes directly to our church.  This one-time ACH connection or link to your account can be used for any and all donations you might make. 

Of course, you can avoid any fees by giving in a donation box on Sundays as well! 

You can set up recurring gifts on any frequency and any day of the month. Its automatic and you will get a receipt each month. You can check or edit gifts easily as well. 

General Fund

This is where you give your tithes and offerings. We have an established budget with specific amounts and percentages being allocated to particular ministries.

Other Funds

Beyond our general fund, we have specific areas in which you may give additionally from the money allocated from the general fund.

Building Fund

This fund goes to paying off the building and initial remodeling costs along with any ongoing building expenses, as we continue to finish filling out the building.