Grace Kids

Our mission for Grace Kids is the same as Grace Church:  To make multiplying disciples who celebrate Jesus, delight in His Word, and share the gospel with the nations.

We seek to do that by teaching that the Bible is the one true story all about Jesus Christ, providing a systematic interaction with sound doctrine, and promoting a solid framework for a missional worldview.  We use the Gospel Story curriculum, a three-year program comprising 156 lessons taught at three distinct age appropriate levels, The New City Catechism, a 52 week study of doctrine in question and answer format, and a monthly teaching emphasis on foreign missions. 
We desire for families to fully engage in the discipleship of their children at church and at home.  We eagerly encourage parents to teach and volunteer on Sunday mornings during the Equipping Hour.  We also believe that the participation of all children in corporate worship is of great importance and a significant part of their discipleship. Companion resources that follow the same scope and sequence of our curriculum are available to facilitate family devotions.   


All kids are welcome to join our parents for worship. Our worship leader will dismiss the children near the end of worship before the sermon, and you may pick your children up before or after the communion or at the end of service. See below for information on which classes are available at which service.

9:00AM Equipping Hour: Birth-6th 
10:00AM Service: 0-4 years


The nursery (ages 0-2) is a safe and engaging environment for children where they will learn short and simple facts about God, His Word, and creation, taken from the New City Catechism and Jesus Storybook Bible.


Our classes for Preschool through 4th grade will learn the same Bible story at an age appropriate level using the Gospel Story curriculum. As our children grow, they are familiarized with God’s big plan of salvation and progress to a more detailed look at the connection of each Bible story to the gospel and God’s larger plan of redemption through the finished work of Christ. They will learn to see that all Scripture, all that God has done, and all He is doing directly points to Jesus.


Our 5th-6th graders will be learning the New City Catechism each week.  This 52 week catechism exposes preteens to a comprehensive exposition of the gospel, prepares them to identify and address false beliefs, and seeks to shape in them a countercultural character that reflects the likeness of Christ.