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Meet Stephen Stimson - Elder/Pastor

by Stephen Stimson on September 05, 2018

Stephen has written a short blog to help you get to know him and his family as he enters into his new role at Grace Church:

Jamie and I grew up in Texas and met at college at a Cru picnic.  We have been married for 21yrs and have 3 children: Will - 14, James - 12, and Macy - 9.

We both grew up in Christian, church-attending families, and at young ages the Lord brought conviction of sin and faith in Jesus for salvation.  But it really wasn’t until college through discipleship that we began to be encouraged and challenged in the faith to really consider and take seriously who (Who’s) we are and what it looks like to live out faith in Jesus on a daily basis.

During this time, the importance of accountability, fellowship, discipleship, and sharing the gospel became clearer, and undoubtedly the Lord used those years to equip and ready us for the years to come. And the Lord, by His amazing grace, continued to “help my unbelief”, causing head knowledge to make its way more fully to my heart; to help me realize in a greater and more profound way how lost and dead and blind I was. He showed me how all my righteousness was as filthy rags, and that only by His grace, and by nothing I had done or could muster, He chose me and called me and gave me faith in the finished work of Jesus on the cross, taking all my sin and shame upon Himself while placing on me His righteousness.

After college, there was a true fork in the road, considering whether to go into full-time ministry with Cru or pursue becoming a physician.  By God's grace and direction, and the desires he placed on my heart, I felt a pull toward medicine, and He provided. And this has been a true gift from the Lord, being able to be in the world around sick and hurting people, with so many opportunities to direct people to Jesus, and at the same time doing something challenging and enjoyable.  This has been my daily ministry. During the time after college, throughout medical training and after, we have been involved in numerous ministries, most involving college and young adults. Our desire has been to point these young hearts to Jesus and make disciples. And when the Lord led us to Grace 3.5 years ago, we found that the heart of Grace Church matched our own - to make much of the Lord Jesus, to love the gospel, and live it.  And so it is with joy and freedom and confidence that we step out in faith, eager to serve the body of Christ in the role of Elder, trusting that the Lord will use us for His good purposes and His glory.

Because He is worthy.


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