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Saved to be Sent: Landreigh Knapp

Saved to be Sent: Landreigh Knapp

by Landreigh Knapp on May 10, 2018

Our Saved to be Sent series will highlight members of Grace that have responded to God’s calling to take the gospel around the world. This is meant to not only highlight these individuals and ways you can support them, but should also be an encouragement to the body of Christ at Grace as we learn and love how the Lord is building His church. May these stories celebrate the work God is doing and bring Him honor and glory as the only One who is worthy of such celebration.


Coming into my senior year at Baylor, I could think of five plans for my life. I could teach, go to grad school, study nutrition, work at a church in Houston, or do ministry abroad. The last one seemed completely unconventional and illogical. I dismissed it.

As I was in the midst of my year-long internship teaching kindergarten at a local elementary school in Waco, I continued to juggle all of my post-grad options, unsure of an immediate future of settling in and establishing a classroom to teach after college. Over time, the idea of doing ministry abroad overshadowed all other post-grad plans. It captivated my mind and heart. This is proof that our ways are truly not God’s ways (Isaiah 55:8).

I continued to be active in the local church body at Grace, and learned of the recent partnership with The Crowded House (TCH) Sheffield. The idea of serving that church lingered in the back of my mind for quite some time. I started looking for a way to go to England: researching available teaching positions. When I mentioned my interest to Pastor Matthew Bixler, he told me about an 11-month, discipleship-focused internship at TCH. I immediately applied for the internship and after months of communication with the church, I decided to drop everything, move to northern England, and serve The Crowded House Sheffield as an intern in media + communications.

I still cannot believe I have this opportunity to go, but I feel confident that the Lord has called me to this ministry for such a time as this. I will be out of my comfort zone, as I will transfer from the Bible Belt to a 4% Christian population in the city of Sheffield. I will personally not know anyone upon my arrival, but I am eagerly anticipating the relationships to be formed with the authentic community currently present at the church.

During my internship, I will serve the church by taking photos, creating videos, publishing media, and communicating important information to the church. I will participate in a discipleship and development program that will sharpen me and bring me closer to Jesus Christ. I will be humbled by serving the church in whatever capacity is needed. I know the experience will be filled with many changes and challenges, but also with exceeding joys and triumphs over the work the Lord is doing there.

I am hoping to update those who are interested through a monthly e-mail or blog post. If you wish to be involved, here are two things you could do:

  1. Please pray for my time in Sheffield. Pray that I would be humbled and reliant solely upon the Lord. Pray that he would remind me of my purpose as an intern. Pray for the formation of genuine relationships with the lost. Pray that they would be saved.
  2. Please consider giving financially. The Crowded House has been so gracious to support my live-in expenses; however, I still need to raise money for travel, dining out, and other basic living expenses. I have budgeted the total to be about $5,000 for eleven months. If you can contribute financially, you can use this link: https://graceresidency.churchcenter.com/giving or contact me directly: .

I am thrilled, humbled, and thankful to be a part of The Crowded House Sheffield. May Jesus be magnified.


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